Common Question

When click on the “PayPal” button, but the website was not able to move to the PayPal site.

You might mistake to Information necessary to PayPal payment (API credentials) setting.

Please check and set correctly the API credentials from the edit screen of the product introduction of the app.

Please refer also here.

How to sign up to PayPal

Setting of the product settlement service

Can I be edited website that created in the smartphone app on a PC application?

Smartphone apps and PC apps in Smart Web Creator has linked.
Website created in smartphone app can be edited in a PC application.

When login to the PC application,
can edit the web site by log in by entering
the same email address as the smartphone version.

What should I do when I want to create multiple websites?

If the first website is during the trial period, your contract of basic plan is required.

If you are contracted to the basic plan, from the menu, please tap “Settings” → “site selection”. Since list screen of the site will be displayed, please tap the lower right “New”.
It becomes the flow similar to the website created for the first time then.

Also the second website, you can try at free during on the trial period of one week like the first website.

Please refer also here.

Paid service

Can the account take over,when change the smartphone model?

*For Smart Web Creator’s account
You log in with the same account, you can continue to use.

*For Billing account (Apple ID, Google account)
If model changes (iOS – iOS, Android – Android) of in the same OS:
By making use of the same billing account (Apple ID, Google account),you can continue to use.

If model changes (iOS – Android, Android – iOS) of in the different OS:
Please contact us.

Can it manage multiple administrators?

Smart Web Creator is able to manage the common account on multiple tablets and smartphones.
When you log in with other tablets or smartphones, using the same email account you want to manage, you can use same account.

*The first time you log in another tablet or smartphone, you must authenticate using pass-code again. Please use along the description at mail or app.

How to check created website

[If you want to see from the application]
(1) Please tap “Check your Website”.


(2) Please tap the according to the layout you want to see.


<Display of the Image for PCs>
You can check image that when your website is displayed on the PC.Because it is a check screen of the image, there is a case that is a little different from the actual.
<Start of the Browser>
You can check image that when your website is displayed on the smartphone.It will transition to the browser application.

[If you want to see it by a browser for smartphone and PCs]
(1) Please check the URL of the website that you created.
<How to check the URL>
Tap “Site Information change”, you can check the URL information / registration domain.
Add “http://” to a “register domain”. It is the URL of your website.



(2) Please enter the URL in the address input field of your browser.

[for search engine]
Website after publishing, it will not be able to search in the search engine such as Google or Yahoo! immediately. This is due to the mechanism of each search engine.
There is a case to take time until the website to be recognized by search engines. For the meantime, please check the website by entering the URL in the address input field of your browser directly.

Please refer also here.

Check your website

How to open / close the website

Open website
Website which you created will be open in the web automatically.
(*May take some time to open the website. Please try at a later time, if it is not displayed.)

Close website
If you want to close website, please refer to the following step.
(1) Please tap “Settings” at the Edit menu screen.


(2)  Please tap “Site List” at the Edit menu screen.

(3) Tap the website you want to close from the list.

(4) Tap the “Close Your Site”,and tap the dialog “Yes”.


If you want to open site again, please select the “Open Your site” in the same step.

How to delete a website

Way to delete the your website is the following step.

(1)Please tap “Settings” at the Edit menu screen.


(2)Please tap “Site List” .


(3)Tap the website that you want to delete from the list,and tap  “Information Your Site”.


(4)There is a button “Delete Your Site” at the bottom of the page of “Information Your Site”. Make sure that the information of all of the website is deleted, please tap this button.


How to delete your account

Way to delete the your account is the following step.

(1)Please tap “Settings” at the Edit menu screen.

(2)Please tap “User Info” .

(3)If you tap “Delete the Account”, your account will be deleted.
*If you delete an account, the all information of your website will also be deleted.
Before you delete your account, please do the confirmation.

Mail for passcode confirmation does not arrive

Please check contents of the following.

(1)Please check the trash or junk mail folder.
(2)Please check e-mail address you entered is correct.

Also, even if you do not have the Anti-Spam settings, some initial configuration of the junk e-mail filter is.
Check the reception setting of your device, please set as capable of receiving the domain “@”.

After that, please try to sign up again.

If you do not solve, please contact us here.

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