Common Question

Could not pay each service.

Payment method varies from carrier and your device.
The check the carrier and your device,and please check the following page for details.

*For iPhone/iPad(When to Use iTunes)
iTunes support

*For iPhone/iPad(When to Use PayPal)
PayPal Customer support

*For Android
Google Play
Google Play Payment methods

Can it pay without using a credit card?

*For iPhone/iPad
Payment method other than credit card can use the iTunes card.

How to use the iTunes card, please check the following page.
Apple official support site

Before the purchase, please check the updated balance of iTunes account.

*For Android
Sorry, it can not be a regular purchase on Google Play gift card, is not available.

Search for my website by the search engine,but it cannot be found.

Website after publishing, it will not be able to search in the search engine such as Google or Yahoo! immediately. This is due to the mechanism of each search engine.
There is a case to take time until the website to be recognized by search engines.

For the meantime, please check the website by entering the URL in the address input field of your browser directly.

If trial period has ended, what will happen website that created?

When free trial period of 7 days has ended, the website that you created will not be available.

If you apply the basic plan during the trial period, you can continued publication and edit.

[Paid Services(automatic update every year )]

How to apply:
(1) Tap “Paid Services” at the Edit menu screen.

(2)Tap “Basic Plan”.

(3)Tap “Check User Policy” and confirm Terms of Use.

(4) Tap “Agree User Policy and Purchase Basic Plan”. Please input necessary information according to the explanation of the purchase screen.

Please refer also here

Paid Service

Basic Plan

Original Domain Name

Add Capacity Option

How to change the menu?

You can change the menu that are displayed.

[Default menu]


(1) Please tap “Menu Setting” at the Edit menu screen.
(2) Please tap “Show or Hide”.
(3) You tap  “Show” button or a “Hide” button and change show / hide.
(4) You tap  “complete”.
(1) Please tap “Menu Setting” at the Edit menu screen.
(2) You tap  “Display name change”.
(3) You can edit an indication name.
(4) You tap  “complete”.

*HOME can change name only, can not edit show or hide and sorting order.

Please refer also here.

Menu Setting

How to post Blog

Blog post method is the following steps.

(1) Please tap “Blog Post” at the Edit menu screen.
(2) Tap “Post a blog.”
(3) You input a Title, Text and choose a photograph (optional).
(4) When post completion, you tap “complete”.


Please refer also here.

Blog post

How to sign up account

When you use application for the first time, you need sign up.
Please perform the sign up the following step.

(1) Start the Smart Web Creator.
(2) Enter your e-mail address, and then tap the “Sign up”.
(3) You will receive the email, and check the pass code described in the email text.
(4) Please return to the app, enter the pass code, and tap “I agree to the terms”.

Please refer also here.

Account sign up 

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