Account sign up

When you use application for the first time, you need sign up.
For sign up this app, You need an Email address or a Facebook account.
Please perform the sign up the following step.

<Sign up by entering the E-mail address>

(1) Start the app.
(2) Tap the “Create Account” .


(3) Enter your E-mail address, and then tap the “Create Account“.

image (1)

(4) You receive an E-mail from app support, and check the pass code described in the E-mail text.

(5) Please return to the app. Then enter the pass code and tap “Login“.

image (2)


<Sign up for Facebook account>

(1) Please start the app.
(2) Please tap the “Login with facebook” .



(3) The screen switches dialog requesting permission to use the Facebook account, or leave. Please tap or “Allow” or “OK”.


example:What to do if the following dialog box came out (only iOS)
(1) You tap the “OK” button to close the application once by pressing the Home button.
(2) Please Tap the “Facebook” in “Settings” of your device.
(3) Please turn on the “Smart Web Creator” of “App to allow the use of the account”.
(4) Start the application again, and then tap the button “Login with Facebook”.

FAQs- Email passcode confirmation does not arrive