Explanation of each function

It is a screen of the application and the explanation of each function.


(1)Check your Website

You can confirm the state of the current website.
Tap and choose it whether to appear for either of image when viewing on a smartphone or image when viewing on a PC.

(2)Blog Post

You can contribute the blog.

(3)Access Up

You can take measures to increase your website’s pageviews.

(4)Site Information Change

You can edit a website and the information of the URL.

(5)Template Change

You can change the website to the favorite template design.

(6)Customizing the Template

You can freely change the current settings. For example, it is top image or colors such as text colors of a template design. And you can display various parts on the sides of the website.

(7)Menu Setting

You can perform the indication name change of the menu, show or hide, sorting. In addition, you can add the page of contents.

(8)Contents Settings

You can edit the contents of the website such as blog and a photograph, the product introduction.


You can browse Terms of Use or user info.
And you can do from here also restoration of paid services.

(10)Paid Services

When you hope for the use continuation of the website after the one week trial period has expired, the application to paid service is necessary.
You can acquire the application for basic plan and the original domain this function.

-about Original Domain Name


It is a button linking to this support page.