Setting of the product settlement service

Using PayPal, the product which you registered can set a settlement function.
-about PayPal

(1) You turn on the “PayPal API Credit Certificate” column “Product settlement presence” from the edit screen of the product introduction page.
If you tap the “Complete”, it becomes possible to settlement then “PayPal” button will appear in the registered item.


Please take the following into account about the acquisition of PayPal account necessary for the setting of the product settlement function and the API credential.
-About a product settlement function

(2)Setting based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law
Because it is a form of mail-order sales online shopping, I will subject to the law of a particular business. The online shop on site, you are required to display a representation based on specific trade law.

lists the notes of each item below.

Please input an official company name not store-based sales and the site name.
In the case of a personal company, please input the personal name.

Please input the name of the person in charge in full name.

[3]Post Number
Please input a post number (or ZIP code).

Please input an address.

[5]Phone Number
Please input a phone number.

Please input E-mail address.

The above-mentioned item is a required item.
The following items become any item, but, please input when you correspond.

[7]Fax Number
Please input Fax number.

Please input a method of the product settlement.
´╝łan input example:The credit card settlement by PayPal is available)
In addition, please input the method when you perform the settlement except the PayPal settlement.

[9]Rate except the product price

When a rate occurs other than the product price, please input (fee, the postage).
(an input example:About the postage, a visitor of the purchase is free shipping more than xxx$ products net total.)

[10]Delivery time
Please input time to arrive to the visitor whom a product purchased.

[11]Product quantity
If there is a limit to the number that can be settled at once to a product, please enter the number.

[12]Cancel and Exchanges
Please input correspondence for the returned goods or the exchange of the product.

In addition, please input when there is an Important Notice.

The notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law is a law established in order to avoid the trouble with online shop and the visitor. Please input on the basis of it.