How to sign up to PayPal

About how to sign up to PayPal

The product which you registered by using PayPal can set a settlement system.

(1) What is PayPal

PayPal is the online settlement system.You can simply registering on PayPal your information required for settlement, to perform the settlement anyone both simple and worry-free.

(2) About types of PayPal account.

If you don’t already have an PayPal account, you must sign up to PayPal account for “business with “standard plan”” or “premier”.  (If you have a PayPal account, but its type of “personal”, you must upgrade to “business with “standard plan”” or “premier”.)

What is the difference between Personal, Premier, and Business accounts?

(3)How to sign up to PayPal.
In this page, it will describe a how to sign up to PayPal business account.

Step.1:Go to PayPal official website, and click sign up at top of page.
-To PayPal official website


Step.2:Select “Business” and click Continue.


Step.3:Click “Select Standard”.


Step.4:Enter your Email address and the displayed code.


Step.5:Enter the requested Information.


Step.6:An E-mail will be sent to you from PayPal. Check, please perform the procedures described.

(4)How to check a PayPal API Credentials.

Step.1:Log in your PayPal account, and Click Profile.


Step.2 :Select My Selling tools at left side menu.


Step.3:Click update at  API access column.


Step.4:Click Option 2 – Request API Credentials.


Step.5:You can check API Credentials.


And Let’s register to the page of “Setting of the product settlement service” in the app these information.