Search engine optimization

In the page of search engine optimization, you can set information to notify search engines such as google of. It may not show an expected effect depending on the environment (a theme and terminal) search engine that this application is used for. In addition, it may take a few days to reflect the setting.

In the page, you can set “Website title for search”, “Website introduction for search” and “Keywords for search”.

You can introduce the information of the your website into the search engine appropriately by inputting a sentence into each form.





(1)Setting of the Website Title for Searchs

In this item, set the title that appears at the top of the web browser and screen of search results.

You can switch the title to be displayed in the search results by turning on the toggle button. Case of OFF, the title of setting to website is used.Case of ON, you can set the title of the website to be displayed in the search engine results.

The title for searches becomes different from the title in the website.The title of the website cannot be changed even if you change a title for searches.

Let’s use If you want to display a severalty title for the search results and website.


(2)Setting of the website Introduction for Searches

In this item, you can set introduction for website to be displayed under the title of the search results.

You can change the setting with a toggle button. It’s display the introduction sentence that a search engine generated automatically when you remain OFF. If this is ON, you can use the text that you enter in the form in the search results screen.


(3)Setting of the Keyword for Searches

In this item,you can set the keywords for the search engine. Keyword, you can enter more than one by separating them with commas. Just because, It is not the thing that keyword may the more. Let the 5-8 keywords along the theme of your website.

Keyword that is registered is used for the search, your website will be more likely to be displayed in the search results.