Check your Website

【When you confirm website from application】
(1)  Please tap “Check your Website” of the Edit menu screen.


(2) Please tap a button depending on the layout that you want to confirm.


Display of the Image for PCs 
An image when you browse a website with a PC is displayed. Because it is a screen for confirmation of the image, it may be a little different from the fact.

Start of the Browser
An image when you browse a website with a smartphone is displayed. It will launch the browser application.

Display of Information Site
You can confirm the state of the website, buy your original domain name information, the data used capacity.

【When you confirm it by the browser of a PC and the smartphone】
(1) You confirm the URL of the website that you made.
<URL confirmation method>
You tap “Site Information change” of the Edit menu screen and confirm URL information.

URL of your website is what you make “http://” in front of the registration domain.

an exanple:



(2) Please input a URL into the address input bar of the browser.

【About a search engine】
After website establishment, I do not become able to search it by search engines such as Yahoo! or Google immediately. This is a thing by the structure of each search engine.
It may take some time until the website to be recognized by search engines. Please check the website by entering the URL in the address bar of the browser directly in the meantime.