Site List

You can see a list of the website¬†currently being created in the “Site List” page.

You can also delete and create new website, to be performed from this page.
Note:If there is a website of the trial period, you can not create new.

>Make a New Site
>Delete Your Site


When you tap the website you want to edit, the following items will come out.


(1)Information of Your Site

You can see the information and expiration date information on the plan of the website, such as domain.
There is a button that says “Delete your Site” at the bottom of this screen,
Please perform the deletion of the website from here.





(2)Edit Your Site

Main screen of the editing is displayed.
You can do the switching of the website you want to edit from here.

(3)Hide Your Site

You can be a private website.

(4)Application for Paid Service

Change to the screen to perform the application of the basic plan.