Add Capacity Option

When you purchase the Options for Adding Storage, in addition to image storage capacity of 500MB basic plan,
You can then continue to add capacity to 1GB each.
*Registration of the basic plan is required to apply for additional plans.
>For Basic Plan

How to apply
(1)Please tap the Edit menu screen to “Paid Service”.


(2)Please tap the “Add Capacity Option”.


(3)Please tap the “Purchase 1GB Capacity”.


(4)The procedures will be performed as described in the purchase page.

Price : 1GB  $9.99* / year (Auto renewal)
*in U.S.

・It will be charged to your iTunes account.

◆Android の場合
・It will pay by Paypal service.
・If you did not want to automatic update, please cancel automatic update before 24 hour of the last day of term. Otherwise the service is updated automatically.
・The cancellation of the automatic update, please refer to this page.

*Please tap “Check the Capacity Additional Contract status of  Situation” if you want to check expiration date and purchase information of Add Capacity Options.